The Nordic Network in Dementia Diagnostics (NIDD) is a Nor Forsk financed initiative of eight academic Memory Clinics in the Nordic countries and Lithuania. As the name indicates, the main objective of this network is to look into various aspects of the diagnostic procedure in dementia. The first task was to compare the methods of diagnostic procedures used in the respective centres. Even though the methods were to a great deal similar, the individual tools tend to differ such as how cognitive impairment and depression are evaluated. Other methods were similar such as morphologic radiology. Most of the centres have established databases containing clinical information but they are tailored to meet the requirements at each site and it soon became evident that it was not feasible to establish a common database for all centres even though that is tempting. The major aim of the Nordic Network, apart of establishing the network as a basis for collaboration, is to promote common academic research projects. As most of the centres have been research driven it was not difficult to find possible projects that could be conducted in all centres.

New article from the NIDD network

The article "Quantitative EEG Applying the Statistical Recognition Pattern Method: A Useful Tool in Dementia Diagnostic Workup" were published in the journal Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders in April 2015. The article is available her.

Network meeting

In June 12.-13 2013 the Nordic Network in Dementia Diagnostics were gathered in Reykjavik, Iceland. The network has during the last two year recruited participants to the project “QEEG in dementia diagnostics” and the meeting was mainly focused on this project. The inclusion to the project was ended in April 2013 and the collaborating centres have all recruited the planned number of participants. During the project period there has been held several meetings regarding dementia diagnostics with the focus being on a Nordic consensus. All the participating centres have delivered data with good quality, and the group will continue the work with the material the coming fall.
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